Designing Streamlined Solutions for Growing Businesses

MBS Secure was established in 2003 to change the IT game for growing businesses and practices. Since then, our team has applied combined expertise in computer engineering, network architecture, business process and practice management, and virtualization to design and build The Complete Cloud™ solutions for hundreds of clients nationwide.

MBS Secure now employs 26 people remotely and in our Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and Atlanta locations, led by our core engineers:

CEO and Founder Jason Post got his start in computer engineering and technology design working for IBM and Mercedes Benz. He began consulting in medical and dental technology in 1999, growing to 300 dental clients in just two years. With over 20 years experience in business technology innovation and computer hardware expertise, Jason brings visionary leadership to our team of engineers and specialists. Before founding MBS Secure, Jason was President and CEO of Prime Networks, where his focus on customers, innovation, and efficiency led to significant company growth. Prior to that, he served as Data Center Manager at Endicott Interconnect Technologies, leading a successful effort to improve operational efficiency, strengthen the product line, and drive growth through virtualization and consolidation of traditional hardware. Jason oversees the corporate direction and strategy of MBS Secure, focusing on leadership, innovation, and customers. He is grateful his work has connected him to many wonderful health care organizations — working as a dental technology expert and even led him to meet his wife.

Senior Architect Dustin Burda is known in the office as the “Magic Man” behind the MBS Secure Complete Cloud. After attending Texas A&M for Electrical Engineering, he began working for a local IT firm providing traditional IT services to the dental market. Dustin joined the MBS Secure team in 2003, and helped to develop The Complete Cloud™ platform. A certified software, storage, and network Virtualization Expert, Dustin loves to develop robust, cutting-edge solutions for success-driven businesses. On his days off, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, and is an avid gamer.

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to help our clients improve technologies so they can grow their businesses. We take pride in providing great experience, personalized support, and unparalleled solutions to complex security, access, and integration challenges. Our core solution is The Complete Cloud™, offering custom, best-of-breed, fully integrated networks so our clients can take full advantage of the Cloud. Regardless of your IT management needs, we specialize in high-performing, streamlined environments that reduce capital expenditures and maintenance costs and remove barriers to business growth.

Since founding MBS Secure. Post has worked to share MBS Secure’s strategy and vision with customers, partners, Industry experts and suppliers.

“Our product and strategy is The Complete Cloud™, open, best-of-breed at every single layer of the architecture,” he says. “We vertically integrate those best-of-breed pieces for extreme performance while also removing constant capital expenditures and support expenses associated with the technology that supports our customers’ business.

The Complete Cloud™ is designed to be the best technology at every single layer of the stack, and then be vertically integrated to truly a single cloud environment. We want to give customers a great experience and a better alternative choice for how they access their data; building our clients very own complete private cloud allows all aspects of the IT management business to be truly accessible anywhere while removing many of the IT challenges that our customers face.

Technology as businesses grow can be very complex, and integrating software products within that layer can create many challenges both infrastructure and support of those products. The Complete Cloud™ technology and innovation allows all of our clients’ legacy applications and peripherals to truly work and function in a single environment so our clients can take full advantage of all the benefits cloud has to offer to the SMB marketplace.

We’re really excited about the future and bringing this reality to you.”

Whether you want to move to the Complete Cloud, or build and manage your own data center and servers, our Dental Operations Management IT experts can help.