Imaging In The Cloud

Too many teeth, not enough space.

Dental professionals know the value of adequate room. We like to think of strained system storage as the wisdom teeth of the computer world.

Simply put, dental imaging takes up a lot of system processing power when stored locally, and there is no way around keeping all of those teeth pics, or is there?

Benefits of the cloud

The benefits of cloud-based imaging are significant:

Mobile access to images

Standardized image formats

Easy transfer to a secure portal

Shareable with referrals and colleagues

Improved workflow efficiency

Reduction of overall costs

Imagine if your legacy applications, imaging, email, data, and business software were 100% integrated, available, and accessible from ALL of your devices and locations.

MBS Secure has deep expertise in Dental IT and associated software. We make every element and software application of your practice Cloud-based — including imaging!

Protecting you and your patients

Cloud-based data is centrally stored and retrieved from multiple machines from the cloud. This offers you protection from a single machine server crash, meaning your website/app won’t go down.

Compatibility with various imaging and practice management software

MBS Secure can manage all of your software needs from cloud-based technology and work similarly to most practice management software platforms.

Standardized image files including: ・DICOM ・RVG ・JPEG ・TIFF


Image Storage In-House

Large amounts of storage across several services/devices

In-house IT management required as well as hardware capable of sustaining storage requirements

Reduced bandwidth and load times due to extra strain on internal systems

Image Storage in The MBS Secure Cloud

Manages all storage in a single cloud

Lowered IT and infrastructure costs

Increase office efficiency and capability to add more imagery without sacrificing performance

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Dental image storage, security, and safety are of the utmost importance. Protect your data and improve your system efficiency now by utilizing the benefits of the cloud.