MBS Secure makes it easier than ever to view 3D images, from anywhere that has an internet connection, with a ground-breaking platform powered by The Complete Cloud™.

Modern Dentists Use 3D Imaging Technology

3D imaging allows dental professionals to provide the most precise dental health diagnosis possible to their patients. It’s an important part of your modern dentistry practice.

You can serve your patients better with 3D imaging tools, but those tools can be cumbersome to use. MBS Secure is changing that.

Make It Easier to Access Your 3D Images

MBS Secure simplifies the usage of 3D imaging by hosting these large files in The Complete Cloud™, meaning less time loading files, less money on in-house infrastructure and more time away from the office.

Traditionally CBCT scans needed to be hosted on in-house servers, due to file sizes. They needed to be viewed from a powerful computer within your practice. Now you can view the scans from literally anywhere, with powerful, revolutionary software that virtualizes the scans and makes them available via The Complete Cloud™ from MBS Secure. Grab your tablet and fire up The Complete Cloud™ and review your patient’s x-rays and prepare at your leisure. With this convenient and powerful technology you can:

Review images with colleagues who are located at other practice locations.

Review images and give recommendations for emergency procedures if you are not able to come into the office.

Reduce your in-house IT infrastructure spending.

3D imaging is a tool your practice needs, but it shouldn’t mean extra hours at the office.

Enjoy More Balance in Your Life

MBS Secure knows how much time you put in for your patients and practice. That’s why we do what we can to make your long days shorter.

Part of how we do that is with our 3D patented data center technology utilizing our platform with softwares such as i-CAT™ Tx STUDIO™ powered by The Complete Cloud™. Think about:

Spending less hours in the office and more time with your family and friends

Being able to enjoy your evenings and weekends without worrying about going back to the office to prepare

Reviewing your images from a tablet while you wait for the BBQ to fire up

And many other lifestyle benefits

We Make 3D Imaging Management Easier

Provide the best diagnostic technology to your patients in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible, while creating the work-life balance you’ve always wanted.