The Dental Office Manager

As a dental office manager, you are the engine behind most dental practices. You’re responsible for training front office staff, keeping patient health information secure, overseeing accounts payable and receivable, keeping the dentist on schedule and above all, patient satisfaction.

Tasked With Everything.

Our goal at MBS Secure is to help you with your technology issues so that you can concentrate your energies on building patient relationships, managing staff interactions and productivity, and growing the dental practice.

A Dental Office Manager’s Technology Challenges

The Conundrum of HIPAA Compliance

If your practice faces an audit, are you prepared? Discover what you need to do to feel assured.

Keeping Patient Health Information Secure

Data breaches happen. Laptops with PHI get lost. What can you do to ensure your patient data is safe?

Inefficient Workflow

You’ve got installs of your practice management software in two locations. But you can’t access one location if you are working from the other. What can you do to save time and work more efficiently?

The Status Quo Isn’t Working

Yup. Your old servers are about to crap out. You need new ones, just like you did a few years ago. But, you could cut that capital expense, assume an operating expense, and save money.

Analytics Don’t Give You a Good Sense of Practice Performance

That new office you just opened is dead, and your main office is overbooked. It would be nice to know all that from the comfort of your office chair.

Working Offsite

Wouldn't it be great to have access to all your patient files, your key applications and record from anywhere you wish? Imagine if you can just quickly log on from your tablet and check out a patient record. Yes, you can.

The Pains of Opening New Locations

You’ve got to outfit a new office, from toilet paper to technology. What if all you had to do were order supplies and have all the technology handled in a matter of hours?

Disaster Preparation

The 1,000-year flood that hit two years ago, has struck again. Will you lose everything? Are you sure your backups are secure?

The Simplicity of Moving to the Cloud

You’ve got a practice to run. Must you also be a tech guru? What could you accomplish with your expertise if the tech aspects were all handled for you?

A Few Words From HAPPY Office Managers who work with us

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